My Top Pick for the Best Electric Shaver!

In Search of the Best Shaver Available…

philips norelco 1280x sensotouch 3d the best electric razorWhen I first created this website, I didn’t put much thought into finding the best electric shaver and then recommending that specific shaver to other guys. What I am now finding is that it’s not quite that simple.

We all have different skin and hair types as well as personal preference when it comes to shavers and features that we look for in a shaver. For example, when I am looking to purchase an electric shaver, my top priority is comfort. I want a shaver that won’t irritate my skin, must be hypoallergenic, and provide a close shave minus the razor burn.

For other guys, the best shaver might be one that comes with a charging system, has an automatic voltage adapter feature, is self cleaning, or contains other various features.

The dilemma then becomes the quest to find the overall best shaver that is versatile and will appeal to the majority of guys. This is at least the challenge I am trying to take on. I also realize that some guys prefer a foil shaver while others prefer a rotary. So, I must then find the best for each category.

I’ve been doing tons of research and comparing; eliminating this one, taking a second look at that one and on and on. Well…I have finally settled on what I believe is the best rotary shaver and best foil shaver!

My Top Pick for the Best Rotary Shaver

philips norelco 1280x sensotouch 3dThe Philips Norelco 1280X SensoTouch 3D shaver offers three-dimensional contouring meaning it will adapt to any angle for any face. The GyroFlex 3D system features three parts that move independently allowing the head to pivot around, flex outward, and tilt inward.

The Philips Norelco SensoTouch comes with all the features you could possibly want in an electric shaver and offers a wet or dry shave.

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